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Demo 2016

by Honey Creek

It was a bummer, a brick wall summer Of break nose rationalities, But I recovered, it doesn’t mean I still don’t feel sorry. It’s just like me to fuck up again and I ruined all the time I spent Convincing you I’m still the man Who deserved every chance. We’re watching movies in the dark, Quiet down its my favorite part, I always feel like Jason Lee, When I’m pouring out an apology. Its just a given, She always forgives him, But you were asleep by the end of the scene, And I turn the lights on, That feelings long gone A promise is something you still have to keep. I’ll always feel sorry.
Realistic 02:24
Wish I could fix myself like I could straighten my teeth, A hundred dollars a month to feel more like me, But it’s not that easy. Nothings easy when you have to choose between passion and stability. When I was a kid, I had a vision Of an audience of thousands Now all I see are papers and phone calls that don’t mean a thing (at least not to me). I know I’m a coward, but I wouldn’t say I chose the easy way Just the more convenient way. So, help me out of this hole I dug for myself. Remind of what I care about, lord knows, I never wanted to back down to whoever hands me a paycheck. Think I’m getting too realistic, It makes me sick. I’ll never be able to convince my kids to follow their dreams, Because they’ll call me a hypocrite. I know I’m a coward but i wouldn’t say I chose the easy way.
I wasn’t ready for this, the conversations that couldn’t persist, The small talk about all the people we miss, just to break the silence. Its hard to believe that 5 years before, I made a bed out of your floor, And now it seems like the coffees the only thing that’s keeping us indoors. I bet my shirts still in your room, buried under memories of the shit we used to do. But I get if you don’t wanna hang out with me, you’re pushing ahead while I’m dragging my feet. Just like it’ll always be. Trying to digest the idea that you’re the same person I went through hell with. Skipping hour 3, just to get by with C’s and D’s, and maybe I held you back from everything. But now I can’t catch a grip on anything. I’d say we’re different now, that’d be an understatement. My heads still in the clouds, you’re grounded on the pavement. (Just another kid who didn’t give a shit, but I still stay true to myself. You went away to school, started acting cool, when I thought I knew you so well.) I kinda miss your bedroom floor, and the way things were before.
You say I’m the one who’s changed, but no one else sees it that way. Quit hiding behind your excuses, cuz all it does is result in confusion. I used to be afraid of this, and now I’m just used to it, all the bullshit you let spill out of your mouth when I wasn’t around. So tell me where I stand, tell me where I stand Try and act like we’re still friends It doesn’t matter where you stand, you’re on the other end Of all the things you used to believe in. I really wish I could pin all the blame all on you, but it’s my fault too. The only difference is that I tried to gather all the pieces, while you were out thinking about yourself, stumbling over everyone else, and looking to substances for help. I hope this was worth the high you felt.


released April 22, 2016

recorded and mixed by Sam Gargulak at Taco Town

Honey Creek is
Dominick LaGrossa
Dylan Ljujic
Kyriin Richmond
Sam Theno
Donnie Warren

Milkwaukee, WI


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Honey Creek Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Pop-punk from Milwaukee, WI

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